Free Subliminal Video

Free Subliminal Video

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WARNING: THIS Subliminal Video is kinda’ sexy…

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It’s our way of saying Thank YOU for your support! It’s also a way for you to check out our NEW Subliminal Video Systems at no charge.

Download How To Manifest *The Sexy Body Shape You Desire* FAST! Footage is from Hawaii and the Sounds are Nature Ocean, Waterfall Sounds. Some of the audio is from The Seven Sacred Pools in Hawaii(Maui).

Now you get up every day knowing you can achieve the “head turning body” you never dreamed possible!

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Here are the commands that are on it:

I Am Successful!
I Am Sexy!
I’m in GREAT Shape!
I Am Attractive!
I Am Healthy!
I Am Fun!
I Am Powerful!
I Am Loved!
I Am Loving!
I Am Rich!
I Am Strong!

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This download is in a QuickTime format.
It is 147 MB.
It is enclosed in a zip file (compressed file).

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