Free Subliminal Messages Video

Free Subliminal Messages Video

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We think we’ve all heard it all.  I must be on 100 email newsletters and am continuously looking to see if anyone has anything better or stronger than ours.  The trick is to find something that works FOR YOU!  The vibration frequencies that we throw off from our soul and spirit attract us to certain things and attract certain things to us.
I was talking to this wonderful lady today and she wondered why all of her customers where of a certain demographic.  She was raised in this demographic and is trying to get away from it, however, subconsciously she is attracting these “types” of people to her.  She responded with a little ribbing and blow back and a few laughs.
As much as we try, we cannot escape ourselves WITHOUT SOME SERIOUS SUBCONSCIOUS PROGRAMMING. We are told we only use 90% of our brain. That is ludicrous!  We use all of our brain, but just don’t know the what, how and why we don’t have it mapped out where we can control it.  We all have 2 inputs that can impact our subconscious mind. Our eyes and our ears.
The trick is to find balance and how do we do that.  We do it by blasting properly phrased commands straight at our subconscious (by passing the conscious) over a period of consistent use, time, and daily commitment.  This could be as easy as a 5 minute commitment per day.
Consistency is the key…   let me rephrase that…   DAILY consistency is the key!

So as you watch this video, realize that YOU attracted this into your life AND you can attract ANYTHING YOU WANT into your life with proper food, equipment and guidance.


With Respect,

Nelson Berry
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PS. I keep getting a lot of flack about the music in this video.  It is “spiritual hip hop” this isn’t gangsta rap music.  Listen to the words.  Some think “spiritual hip hop” is an oxymoron.  Take a deep breath — It’s a wonderful expression of art.  Click Here for More Info