Four Steps on How to Take Control of Your Thoughts, Your Emotions, and Your Life

Four Steps on How to Take Control of Your Thoughts, Your Emotions, and Your Life

In this modern age, most of us live in a constant frenzy. Some of us even feel like they’re hurtling along life at an amazing speed and they don’t have any control over their circumstances. When you’re in that state, you become powerless over your situation. Pressure overwhelms you before you can put a stop to it, anxiety overpowers you before you can fend it off. Finally, all these add up to psychological and emotional stress, and this can cause problems in your life and in your health.

Four Steps on How to Take Control of Your Thoughts, Your Emotions, and Your Life

Four Steps on How to Take Control of Your Thoughts, Your Emotions, and Your Life

If you want to be protected from psychological and emotional stress, and you want to be at the frontline of your life, not in the backseat, then here are some helpful steps to achieve control over your own life.

1. Be mindful of what you are thinking and feeling. If you want to be in control in your life, you need to first develop mindfulness or mental awareness. This is a state where you become fully aware of everything that goes on both around you and inside you. You are aware of events and circumstances, and you are also aware how this affects you or makes you think and feel.

2. Sort through your thoughts and emotions. Since you know what you think and feel at every moment, you also have the power to sort through them and choose only the thoughts and emotions that are helpful, motivational, empowering, and beneficial. You will also be able to identify thoughts and emotions that are distressing, destructive, damaging, detrimental, and judgmental.

If you are not mindful, you just let yourself and your actions be influenced by any thought or emotion, be it negative or positive. Most of the time, the negative thoughts and emotions have the strongest effect. And these also lead to negative actions, reactions, and outcomes. In short, you will be sabotaging your life.

3. Replace negatives with positives. By sorting through your thoughts and emotions, you will be able to immediately recognize the negatives in your life. Once you spot them, you can immediately stop them and replace them with positive thoughts and emotions.

4. Use subliminal programming. Sometimes, even if you consciously draw attention away from negative thoughts and focus on positives, the negative thoughts still hide beneath the conscious level. So when you are faced with a negative situation, these negative thoughts get the reinforcement they need and they come out to wreak havoc in your life once more.

So the only way to effectively remove the negativity from your system and replace it with positivity is through subliminal programming. This is programming that occurs in the brain’s subconscious level. This is the place in the mind where all things and influences get stored. This is where habits, impulses, and behavior takes root. This is where negativity hides until it finds a chance to come out again. Thus, if you want to take out negativity by the roots, use subliminal programming, which means to send positive messages into your subconscious to replace your negative thoughts.

With this as your guide, you are now well-equipped to take full control of your own life with the assurance that, with positive thoughts buried inside you, you are on your way to a positive life.

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