Four Healthy Habits You Must Pick Up to Power Up Your Brain

Four Healthy Habits You Must Pick Up to Power Up Your Brain

Do you easily feel pressured or mentally exhausted? Do you easily get confused? Do you feel like there are too many thoughts swirling inside your head? Your brain probably needs a cleanup.

Four Healthy Habits You Must Pick Up to Power Up Your Brain

Four Healthy Habits You Must Pick Up to Power Up Your Brain

Here are five healthy habits worth picking up to keep your brain in its optimum shape:

1. The water habit. Drink a lot of water for a healthier you. Hydrating yourself a lot keeps you healthy in every possible way. Not only does this provide the body with all the liquid it needs to function optimally, water also feeds the brain because it helps the brain cells function at their best.

When you’re swamped at work and your brain has been at it nonstop, taking a glass of water can make you feel instantly refreshed and replenished. Sometimes, when you get headaches, they could also be a sign of dehydration; drinking a lot of water can cool down your system and keep headaches at bay. This way, you can focus on the tasks at hand and stay alert.

2. Sleeping in and taking naps. There are studies that show that sleeping in a little longer than normal during the weekends can have positive effects on the brain. This is said to rejuvenate the brain. The studies also link sleeping in sometimes to the brain’s ability to learn and absorb information faster.

Taking naps during the day is also said to help keep your brain from feeling exhausted. When you feel tired, you usually feel like there are cobwebs in your brain. The best cure for that is a short ten-minute nap. You’ll definitely get all the energy you need to stay at your feet for the rest of the day. This is why naps are called power naps; they give your brain an instant power recharge.

3. The work habit. Although it is not good to overwork your brain, studies also show that not putting the brain to work can be just as detrimental. The brain is a powerful organ; it is created to function in amazing ways. If you leave it idle for very long, the brain can slow down and its abilities can go on hibernation mode.

It is good, therefore, to work, but just remember to keep it under control so your brain does not get exhausted too. Also, if you have retired from your job, it is still good to have a part-time project or job you can still work on to help keep the brain active.

4. The affirmations habit. Feed your mind with positive affirmations; these are like vitamins for your brain. Affirmations help keep your mind focused on positive thoughts such as goals and motivation. Affirmations also help keep your imagination active; when making your own affirmations, you have to imagine yourself at an optimum point in your life. This can help motivate the brain a lot.

Positive affirmations like subliminal messages are also known to help improve memory and creativity. It also sends signals to the body to send out happy hormones to keep you positive and lighthearted.

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