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The results of this video even amazed us – and we
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This technology, and what our minds can manifest,
is advancing rapidly with regard to:

A. The speed at which one can manifest something from
the time that they start using the system as directed.

B. The amount of different things that can be manifested
per manifestation cycle of 21 days.

“I was offered a chance to test Nelson Berry’s new
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After you use Financial Fortune VI, Manifest It All —
Better Health, Love, Fun, Friends, Sex & Money Today!
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– Your life will quickly become a “dream come true”. Unless
you experience it for yourself, it sounds so unbelievable to
someone who has never used this successfully before.

– If you choose to allow it, you will experience better health,
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– You will be amazed at HOW MANY new, fun, profitable and
various opportunities you will have over the next 21 days.
It is like being at “The Banquet of Benefits”, where beneficial
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– You have never had a better life than this. There is no fear.
There is no debt. There is no bad news. The only crying you
might be doing is tears of joy because, as all of these things
are coming into your life, you might feel a little undeserving
for some reason. It’s like someone bringing a briefcase to you,
sitting it on the table, opening it up and showing you 10 Million
in Cash, Telling you “It’s All Yours” and walking off. What would
you do?

– You are not anxious or afraid. You do not have any of the normal
problems that you used to have. The only thing you have to do is
make sure that you are using the Financial Fortune VI, Manifest It All
— Better Health, Love, Fun, Friends, Sex & Money Today! Subliminal
Video 2.0 in HD EVERYDAY!  Takes about 10-15 Minutes to complete watching
the video and doing the written exercises.

I would suggest that you jump on this as quick as you can. This is not
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You simply order it. Download the video and instructions. Works on MAC
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7 minutes and 41 seconds and has about 50,000 vidio and audio subliminal
messages in it. The exact subliminal messages on this video are:

I Am A Millionaire and My Life Is Great!
I Feel Secure About My Future and Invest My Money!
I Save Time And Spend Time Enjoying Life’s Pleasures!
Now I Can Be More Relaxed Whenever I Want To Be!
I Continue To Look Better And Feel Awesome!
I Continue To Lose Weight And Love It!
I Continue To Improve My Facial Features!
I Continue To Become More Attractive And Pleasant!
I Find Myself More Comfortable in All Social Situations!
I Always Learn New Things That Make My Life Better!
I Feel Smarter and Smarter Because I Did It All On My Own!
I Am In Shape, Eat Well, Have High Energy And Feel Healthy!
I Sleep Well, Am Comfortable And Feel Great!
I Am Free Of Common Aches & Pains!
I Am Loved!
I Have Started Dating Again!
I Feel Wanted!
People Easily Get To Know Me Well Enough To Love Me!
My Love Life Has Drastically Improved!
I Make Easy Contact With New People!
My Social Life Continues To Improve Quickly!
I Am Popular, Feel Praised And Admitted!
I Enjoy More Pleasure Every Day!
I Feel Happy And Fulfilled Every Day!
I Feel More Pleasure, More Satisfied And More Fulfilled!
I Take Immediate Action To Get What I Want!

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You simply download the video, watch it 1-2 times per day and do
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no catch. Anyone can do this and there are no requirements to be
able to do this. We all have this gift inside of us.

What’s REALLY EXCITING about this video is the sheer number of
different things that you can manifest at the same time. We are
VERY excited about the possibilities here.

I would suggest that you get a calendar and mark off the dates that
you do this daily exercise. Progress is going to happen weather you
believe it is going to or not. Another  thing that others have found
helpful is a little mini journal to jot down a few things about each
day as they go through this so they can go back through it and
see the actual proof of where they were at when they started this
compared to where they are at now.

This is an unbelievably exciting opportunity for you.

The total investment is $39 which includes:

– The Financial Fortune VI, Manifest It All — Better Health, Love,
Fun, Friends, Sex & Money Today! Subliminal Video 2.0 in HD download
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– All instructions on what you should do.

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Subliminal Video Messages

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