Face Rabies with No Fear at All

Face Rabies with No Fear at All

Do you know that rabies is actually more dangerous than cancer or any other type of debilitating disease? Once you have it, it is almost 100 percent fatal. So far, for thousands of years since it has existed, there’s only one solid story of survival. There’s no known cure to it, and once you start showing the symptoms, you have at most 10 days to live.


Isn’t that scary? It is. A lot of people think that they get rabies only from dogs and cats. In the United States, a huge portion of the cases can be attributed to wild animals such as skunks and bats.


You can never cure it, but you can definitely prevent it. And by knowing the ways of prevention, you can get rid of your fear of this deadly disease:


1. Have yourself vaccinated. You don’t need to be bitten before you can get an anti-rabies shot. If you’re living in a community where wild animals sometimes roam, or you handle them, you should get yourself vaccinated. All you need to do is to look for an infectious disease specialist.


2. Stay away from them. If you see wild animals within your area, especially within your yard, don’t go outside and touch them, even if you think they’re already dead. Worse, don’t pet them. Instead, call the nearest office of animal control and let their own staff handle them.


3. Have your domestic animals vaccinated. Cats and dogs do love to play, and they want to do so outside. So you really cannot prevent the chances of them meeting wild animals such as skunks and bats. They may get bitten by rabies carriers, and your own domestic pets are affected with them.


To prevent that from happening, make sure that the vaccination shots of your pets are updated. Most of all, they should already have anti-rabies shots.


4. Tell yourself that there’s nothing to fear. There are times when even if you’ve taken the necessary precautions, you still have that growing fear inside of you. You have to learn how to control your negative emotions. You don’t want such thinking to overrule your life.


The use of subliminal messages and affirmations can be extremely helpful. Every day take some time—say, 10 to 15 minutes—to control your emotions and fears. You can meditate while listening to affirmations that carry subliminal messages like the following:


I am healthy. I am strong.

Every inch of my body is doing well.

My cells are well taken care of.

I feel a great amount of physical strength.


You also need to learn how to control your fear when you see wild animals. By doing that, you don’t become irrational and start to freeze like a statue. Subliminal messages can also be used in this case. When you feel fear, tell yourself, “I am in control. I have the capability to not show fear.” After all, the more you show fear, the more animals display aggression because they are threatened.


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