Fabulous Tips on How to Go Back to Your Pre-pregnancy Body

Fabulous Tips on How to Go Back to Your Pre-pregnancy Body

Now that your baby is born and everything is doing well in the household, it is time to do the one thing you have been itching about: getting your pre-natal body.

Fabulous Tips on How to Go Back to Your Pre-pregnancy Body

Fabulous Tips on How to Go Back to Your Pre-pregnancy Body

It is not a surprise to find women gaining as much as 50 pounds during their pregnancy. However, keeping a lot of pounds after child birth is also not a good idea. You want to look and feel good and healthy.


If you want to get back into shape, listen to these suggestions:


1. Breast-feed. Do you know that breast-feeding can make you lose weight? In fact, it is one of the fastest and best methods to drop the excess pounds. Many women experienced reducing more than 30 percent of their pregnancy weight by doing this alone. What’s more, breast-feeding proves to be an intimate way to bond with the baby.


If you cannot breast-feed perhaps because of work, you may consider pumping breast milk and keeping them in bottles. You can keep them refrigerated.


2. Watch what you eat. It is time to go on a diet. You have to be very choosy of the types of food you are going to eat. Nevertheless, fad diets do not really work. You also want to skip very drastic meal plans as they can put your life in danger. They may make you feel sick, so you become incapable to take care of your baby. Of course, the basic rule is to dine more on fruits and vegetables. Go for fruits that have very low sugar content. Cantaloupes are actually good since they contain a lot of juice but do not have very high calories.


3. Use 15 minutes to exercise. You do not need a lot of hours to get back in shape. Exercising only needs 15 minutes of your time. You can squeeze it in when your baby is asleep, and there are not a lot of things to do at home. You also do not have to go to gyms. There are already plenty of videos, both offline and online.


4. Meditate. Meditation can do wonders, especially when you are trying to lose weight. First, it removes all the negative emotions in your life. These can actually lead to emotional eating. Second, while you are meditating, you can listen to subliminal messages or affirmations. You can use them to influence your mind-setting. Here are some examples:


Every day I am looking better.

I am slowly getting my body shape back.

I will not allow stress and anxiety to ruin my goal to drop a lot of pounds.

I can definitely get back in shape.


You can meditate anytime and anywhere. If you wish to meditate in your office, you can just download these subliminal messages in their mp3 forms. This way, you can still get a dose of them even if you are out of your home.


5. Pursue engaging activities. You can make losing weight a lot more fun. For example, instead of jogging on a treadmill, walk around the park while pushing the stroller.




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