Envision the Life You Want with a Dream Board

Envision the Life You Want with a Dream Board

You remember things more effectively if you have visual reminders around. That is what dream boards are for.

Envision the Life You Want with a Dream Board

Envision the Life You Want with a Dream Board

Dream boards are the keepers of visions and goals you wish to achieve in your life. Creating one is one of the best ways to always remind you of the things you would like to accomplish in your life hopefully before you kick the bucket list.


You can create one by using the following tips:


1. Be very creative in making one. There are no rules when it comes to creating your own dream board, so you can be as creative and ingenious as you can be. Use vivid images, put up affirmation cards, or combine a variety of colors. Make it as lovely as possible. This way, you will be very inspired to do look at the board regularly.


2. Do not limit yourself with one. You do not have to limit yourself with one board. If you have plenty of dreams and goals, you can put up more boards. You can place them in different places, or perhaps connect all these boards together to create a gigantic vision board for yourself. Again, there are no rules to follow.


3. List down your goals. Do not make the same mistakes other people do. They allow the images they see to be their guide when it should have been your goals. It is therefore important that you have a list of the dreams you want to achieve before you hunt for pictures and even colors to use for your board.


4. Change it as often as you can. Goals or dreams change, so your board should be able to adapt to the said changes. Feel free to remove images and words you think no longer belongs to your vision board. In fact, you can change everything. Keep in mind that the vision board is your repository of dreams.


5. Note the things you accomplish. Wouldn’t it feel so great if you can definitely see that you have accomplished some of the things found in your vision board? Keep track of your achievements too. What you can do is remove those you have already done and perhaps collate them or put them in albums. You can also get a snapshot of such achievement and create a different type of board called the achievement board.


6. Use a variety of affirmations. You definitely need affirmations or subliminal messages when you are creating a vision board. The effect of the board becomes greater when you can read and visualize these messages. You can come up with your own, or you can be inspired by the affirmations or subliminal messages created by experts. You can listen to a series of mp3 files or watch videos. Pick those that you think would truly inspire you to be motivated and reach for your dreams.


Like your dreams, your affirmations may change, perhaps because they no longer apply to you. The most important thing is they influence you to really go for your dreams.



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