Enrich Your Life with Belongingness

Enrich Your Life with Belongingness

Just imagine your life without friends or colleagues. Just think about being so alone. Isn’t that going to be lonely? Though there are times when you definitely have to do things all by yourself, often, you need to belong. It doesn’t matter if it’s into work, school, or your own family. You need to have friends.

Enrich Your Life with Belongingness

Enrich Your Life with Belongingness

What can you get by being around people? A lot of life’s lessons can be picked up by observing and listening to other people’s experiences. Moreover, Abraham Maslow has explicitly informed us through his hierarchy of needs that people desire the need to belong. If it isn’t met, he or she doesn’t achieve recognition or self-actualization.


But how do you exactly belong?


1. Be with friends. You can develop a sense of belongingness by just being around friends. You don’t need to have an agenda for that. You can just gather around in front of a fireplace, camp out in the mountains, spend a good time at the park, or do something silly somewhere.


2. Volunteer in organizations. By doing so, you can feel that you truly belong to the community. What’s more, you can do something for your fellowmen. There are plenty of organizations to belong to, and you can select one that matches your interests or passion. For instance, if you have a green thumb, you can join Greenpeace. If you love animals, there’s PETA.


3. Talk with others. Don’t hole up. If you have some pent-up emotions or feelings, it’s best if you can share it with others. They would gladly talk things with you too. Besides, it’s nice to know that there’s someone listening to your woes and pains.


4.  Learn how to trust. If you want to belong, then you need to learn how to trust. This may not come easy, though, especially for those who feel that they have been burned. The good thing is you can change the way you think by using affirmations or subliminal messages.


A lot of these subliminal messages are now patterned for people who have trust issues. They help you build trust and faith. They allow you to face your deep-seated causes and overcome or resolve them. This way, there’s nothing that blocks you from extending trust to other people.


Some of these messages may include the following:


I can learn how to trust.

I forgive those people who have hurt me.

Not all people are the same.

I am a trusting soul.

I deserve a trusted and loyal friend.




Just a side note, though. Don’t confuse trust with gullibility. If you think that others are already taking you for granted or taking advantage of you, then there’s no use in maintaining the friendship. Before you lose respect for others and even for yourself, you better put an end to the relationship.


5. Be confident. For others to be attracted to you, you should exude confidence. You should be comfortable of who you are. Sometimes it’s easy to get lost among the group.


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