Enjoy Your Moment of Stillness With Subliminal Messages

Enjoy Your Moment of Stillness With Subliminal Messages

The kind of lifestyle people has these days can sometimes be harmful physically, emotionally, socially, and mentally. You’re always on the move. You’re always in a competitive mode. You normally have less time for others, let alone for yourself. It’s not surprising you suddenly realize that money cannot really buy everything. How do you get yourself out of all this? You simply need to be very still.


Enjoy Your Moment of Stillness With Subliminal Messages

Enjoy Your Moment of Stillness With Subliminal Messages

1. Do nothing. Doing nothing means not thinking about anything productive. Shut off your mind from the thoughts of what projects you have to do next, what types of responsibilities you’ve left behind, or how your job is doing. In fact, you should prevent yourself from getting worried. If you are beset with problems, it’s time to set them aside even for just a day. Just allow the time to pass you by.


2. Spend some time outdoors. You may say, “But I always commute to work every day?” Well, an office isn’t really a good definition of outdoors, is it? What we mean by this is to allow yourself to commune with nature. Go on top of the mountain and observe the cities and people from below. Bike all the way to the hill and then relax and make yourself comfortable with the gentle breeze. Head to the beach, spread a blanket, and allow the sound of the rolling waves rock you to sleep.


3. Listen to music. It’s surprising how music can be so soothing and give you a lot of time to enjoy your moment of stillness. But we are not talking about just any other song. Avoid listening to rock or pop songs. These can get you too jumpy. The purpose of being still is to relax and be comfortable at the present moment and at yourself. If you can, skip the love songs too. You don’t want to awaken any painful memories or trauma.


4. Listen to affirmations. Here’s one of the best things about stillness. Your mind is completely relaxed, and it’s easier for you to tap into your subconscious mind. Contrary to what you may think your subconscious mind is extremely powerful, as it has a huge ability to control the way your conscious mind works.


Your moment of stillness is the best time to listen to subliminal messages or affirmations. To avoid stressing yourself, you can choose not to create them. You can just download their mp3 or video versions. You can also pick those affirmations that can also make you feel relaxed and comfortable.


Just to give you some ideas of these subliminal messages, check the list below:


I am relaxed and at peace.

I invite peace in my life at this present moment.

I am living in the now.


5. Meditate. Yes, you can use meditation to give yourself a different kind of joy when you’re in the moment of stillness. Meditation actually helps clear your mind from all types of clutter. You need that so you can meditate properly. You can also use it to invite inner peace.

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