E-mail Marketing Tips for Your Business

E-mail Marketing Tips for Your Business

Why should you do e-mail marketing? Every Internet user in the world has at least one active e-mail account. You want to take advantage of that.

E-mail Marketing Tips for Your Business

E-mail Marketing Tips for Your Business

However, it’s not enough you send e-mails to your prospects. You are after conversion rates. This means after reading your e-mail, the Internet user is convinced to buy the product or request service from you.


That’s why you need the following e-mail marketing tips:
Ask for permission. Think of it as a salesperson who suddenly barged into your property. You would surely feel threatened about it. It’s the same thing with e-mail marketing. Personal e-mail accounts, most especially, are treated as private spaces by their owners. You need to ask permission that you can send them e-mails regularly. You have to sign them up into your mailing lists.


One of the best ways is to offer them something valuable, such as an e-book, gift, product sample—whatever you find relevant to your chosen market—in exchange for their sign-up.


2. Determine your goals. Like any other online marketing strategy, you have to keep track of your email marketing campaign. You want to know if it works. For you to do that, you have to come up with your goals. What do you want to achieve from the technique? How much profit do you expect to achieve? How many subscribers would you like to meet your desired profits or cash flow?


You can utilize your goals to guide you in creating detailed steps for email marketing. You also need them when you have to make a marketing assessment.


3. Don’t hard sell. Seriously, who likes a hard-core salesman? No one. It makes you feel more of a commodity than a customer.


Hard-selling is a no-no in e-mail marketing. One, Internet users will easily assume your e-mail is a spam, and all your succeeding e-mails may end up in Junk Mail. It also doesn’t sit well for your business, and you may get banned because of it.


What should you do then? Provide them with plenty of information. Highlight the unique features and benefits of your products and services with news, studies, and testimonials. Inspire them to buy without being too blatant about it.


You can also utilize subliminal messages through a catchphrase or affirmations:


It’s time to for you to enjoy the benefits of (product).

You deserve to have convenience and comfort.


4. Know when to send your e-mails. Email marketing is also all about the best time to send one. You don’t want them to get annoyed with your everyday e-mail or forget about you with your occasional newsletters. It’s also not advisable to send e-mails during holidays as most people are not online. By the time they check their e-mails, yours are way below the new unread ones.


5. Never lose your business identity. You still have to maintain corporate identity in your e-mail. You can do that through the e-mail’s tone, as well as inclusion of your business name and logo. But be careful. You don’t want to be too businesslike. As mentioned, e-mail users are usually apprehensive about salespeople.



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