Dos and Don’ts in Meditation

Dos and Don’ts in Meditation

By now you already have an idea that meditation can definitely be good for the body, mind, and soul. Otherwise, it will not be practiced by millions of people all over the world, including the famed Buddhist monks.

However, it is also not surprising to hear people saying that meditation does not really change anything and is a just waste of time. Perhaps these are the individuals who have tried it before but were not able to reap the results they want. There is a very good explanation for it: they may have been doing meditation the wrong way.

Before you throw away the idea of meditating, you may want to know first the dos and don’ts when it comes to meditating:

Do find a good time to do it. Meditating is not something you can do just about any time, unless you are a certified expert (in fact, experts still find the best time to do it). Meditation requires your full attention and even concentration. Thus, it is essential you perform it when there is very little noise around. If you can, find a good spot and time when you are completely undisturbed.

Many do their meditation at the comforts of their own home, such as their living room and bedroom in the evening or first thing in the morning, when people are still asleep or before they do anything.

Do not push yourself too hard. If you are starting to meditate, you will notice that it takes a while before you get used to the practice. At first try, it is not easy for you to focus or to spend longer than 10 minutes with your eyes closed. It is okay. Do not overdo it. You can just make the practice more consistent by doing this as often as possible, so your body and mind will get used to it.

Do use subliminal messages. Subliminal messages can be words, images, or sounds that contain special meanings. They are important because they have the power to change your mind-set on so many things completely. Subliminal messages have been utilized by health experts such as dentists and doctors to remove the fear or anxiety of their patients. Many of those who meditate for several years use them to improve their outlook in life.

You can get subliminal messages in different ways. You can create positive affirmations that you can repeat many times during meditation. You may also purchase CDs and mp3s that already have them. You can play them in the background while you are in a meditative state.

Do not slouch. When you are meditating, it is essential you maintain proper posture. This means that your back is well aligned. There are two reasons for this. First it allows you to breathe in and out properly. Breathing is an important aspect in meditation since it brings you to the present moment and it allows proper circulation of the blood, which, in turn, relaxes you. Second, correct posture permits you to last as long as you can during meditation.

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