Don’t Be Scared during Your Tryouts

Don’t Be Scared during Your Tryouts

Tryouts—these are always scary for anyone who wants to go for it. With hundreds of competitors out there, it’s so easy for you to feel bad, ashamed, and worthless. Nevertheless you need to keep your hopes up and boost your self-confidence. Otherwise, you won’t have a fighting chance.

Don't Be Scared during Your Tryouts

Don't Be Scared during Your Tryouts

So you don’t end up getting scared in your tryouts, take note of the following tips:


1. Practice, practice, practice. You are very much aware of what they say: practice makes perfect. Though practicing doesn’t really guarantee you’re going to make it, you nevertheless increase your chances of grabbing a spot to a hundredfold.


2. Prepare for the worse. Hope for the best but prepare for the worse. Again, there are no guarantees no matter how good you are at what you do. You can always keep your hopes up and expect to get the spot, but you also need to be open enough to the possibility of losing. The more you stay real in your expectations, the more it’s easier for you to just do your best and enjoy the experience.


3. Have some moral support. A lot don’t really feel uncomfortable when there are friends and family members who are watching them during tryouts, but the truth is it’s the best time to get some support from the people that you love. You can feel so inspired or motivated by other people’s support for you. For them you’re willing to do your best. They can also make the tryouts less scary. When you feel anxious or stressed, you know you have someone to turn to.


4. Take note of the tryout details. Gather all the details related to the tryouts, such as the venue, time, and things to bring or prepare. Make sure that you wake up very early and arrive in your venue at least an hour or a few minutes before the scheduled tryout. This way, you will have more time to prepare and relax. You also have to prepare everything you need the night before. Pack them in a bag and place them to a very conspicuous place, so you can just pick it up immediately.


5. Try being the first one. Sure there’s a lot of pressure in being the first one to try out, but it also gives you the least amount of stress and anxiety. Besides, a lot of people believe that those who come first and last are often the ones who are remembered the most.


6. Follow the rules. Many who are exceptionally good still end up not getting the spot for one simple reason: not following instructions. Listen very carefully when a facilitator gives out a set of instructions. Focus on what you’re doing. There may be others who will be trying out with you, but you have no other intense competitor than yourself.


7. Make use of subliminal messages. Use affirmations or subliminal messages to continuously inspire or motivate yourself. When you start to feel the anxiety and the stress, repeat the following:


I can do this.

I can overcome the challenges.

I can be extremely good in what I do.


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