Discover the Ways on How to Win Friends

Discover the Ways on How to Win Friends

Who doesn’t want to have friends? The problem is not everyone knows how to find them. How to do you exactly make friends out of strangers and acquaintances?

Discover the Ways on How to Win Friends

Discover the Ways on How to Win Friends

1. Be a good friend. If you want to have friends, then make sure that you’re already a good one. This means friends can count on you in times of trouble. You may not be there all the time, but you’re sure willing to extend a helping hand in whatever capacity. You’ll listen to their problems and allow them to be themselves. You don’t want to change them to conform on the things you like. You accept them as who they are.


2. You talk about them, not you. Conversations are important to win friends. These are the times when you get to know more about the other person. However, many make the mistake of talking more about themselves.


To win friends, you should get to know them and allow them to have the spotlight. Ask them questions and wait until they do the same before you share tidbits of your life.


3. Be likable. There are some people who seem aloof, withdrawn, and negative. If you are one of them, then you cannot expect to gain a lot of friends. You have to be open, approachable, and accommodating. People should never be afraid to talk to you.


Make it a point to socialize or mingle whenever you can. If you attend parties, get to know at least the next person seated beside you. Offer a smile as often as you can.


4. Compliment others. People love to feel good about themselves, so you need to compliment them once in a while, especially if they truly deserve them. Besides, wouldn’t you like the fact that you’re surrounded by extremely great people?


5. Don’t judge. In truth, you’re not in the position to judge, especially if you’re still trying to get to know more about the person. You don’t have a lot of idea about what the person is like, so you don’t have enough basis to make any conclusion.


6. Avoid rushing relationships. You really cannot force people to instantly like you, in the same way that you cannot compel them to establish a friendly relationship with you. Allow things to flow smoothly and naturally.


7. Enhance your sense of humor. People gravitate toward those who have an excellent sense of humor. They know that they make excellent companions. Moreover, in times of distress and sadness, humorous people can lift their moods and make them feel a lot better.


You don’t have to be a very funny person to be gain friends, but you should learn how to loosen up a bit and take life not too seriously.


8. Train yourself to believe that you can have friends. If you’re planning to gain friends but you don’t really believe you can do so, then nothing is going to happen. You have to make that claim. In order to do that, you can use subliminal messages. Affirmations give you a boost of confidence, particularly in your ability to build and maintain friendships.




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