Discover the Love for Dancing with These Tips

Discover the Love for Dancing with These Tips

Dancing is perhaps one of the oldest modes of self-expression. The things you cannot express in words you do so with your body language. Unfortunately some people don’t have the knack for dancing, and thus they miss out on a very engaging activity.

Discover the Love for Dancing with These Tips

Discover the Love for Dancing with These Tips

Learn to love dancing, even if you are not really prolific, with these tips:


1. Just let your body move. Sure, there are techniques in dancing, but the most important thing is you are very creative. Always remember that you dance mainly to express yourself, not to impress the audience or somebody else. You do it because you want to deliver your message.


So just let your body move in whatever direction or motion. Allow your movements to be governed by what you feel. It may help if you close your eyes for a bit, so you can really feel the depths of your being.


2. Overcome your shyness. One of the reasons why you don’t want to dance is you’re shy. You don’t know what other people would think about you. If not, you really don’t have the belief you can actually do it.


It’s time to empower yourself with affirmations or subliminal messages. When you feel like being too embarrassed to move your feet, tell yourself, “The dance and I are one” or “I dance for myself, for my self-expression.” You can also listen to subliminal messages before you hit the dance floor. They can change your negative thoughts into positive ones and power your confidence level.


You can also combine these subliminal messages with visualization. You can close your eyes and imagine yourself in a huge stage, with the lights focused on you. Imagine yourself performing a dance, and while you’re doing it, you feed your mind with thoughts like “The world is my stage; I am the performer” or “I can conquer my fears and move my body.”


3. Consider enrolling yourself in a dance school. Don’t think that dance schools are only for those who know how to dance. In fact, they’ve been developed for non-dancers like you. Most of the people who enroll share your experiences, so you don’t have to be ashamed of something. If you’re really shy, you can hire a private tutor. A lot of the classes have also been designed for beginners, so you start with the basics; they are the easiest to learn.


4. Have fun. Dancing isn’t dancing at all if you’re not having a lot of fun with it. Just feel the freedom of being able to sway your hips, raise your hands, and move your body to the beat. You can even invite some friends over for a short dancing session.


5. Begin with simple steps. Always start with the basics. You can begin with your feet, moving from side to side, or front and back. Match the steps with the rhythm of the music. Once you can get into the groove, you can add variations or move other parts of your body.


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