Discover How to Make the Right Choice

Discover How to Make the Right Choice

Every day you are always asked to make a decision: Should I go left or right? Should I do this or not? Which color must I pick? What type of dress should I wear? Is it time to get up on the bed or not? But making a decision is not what’s really important. What matters is you choose the right one.

Discover How to Make the Right Choice

Discover How to Make the Right Choice

But how do you exactly do it?


Making the right decision is highly essential. After all, the wrong one always carries consequences, some of which are so detrimental you don’t want to experience them. Take, for example, choosing the bus instead of the subway. It may turn out that the latter takes so much of your time, preventing you from coming to work early. In the process, you don’t get a lot of tasks done at the end of the day, and you have to extend your working hours. You also miss out an early dinner party with a friend.


Here are some tips that may help you come up with a right decision:


Know the pros and cons. Keep in mind the advantages and disadvantages of every decision that you’re going to make. Don’t be biased. Sometimes you’ve already formed an initial decision in your mind, so you either don’t list all the cons or all the pros. The general guideline is the pros should outweigh the cons, regardless of how many disadvantages you have listed. If after careful consideration, you realize that the pros are the things you really want and you can handle the consequences, then you should go for that decision.


Learn from the past. You know what they say: if you commit the same mistake again, then you’re already a fool. Before you decide, go back to your past experiences. Have you met this type of crossroad before? What was your decision? If it failed, then you already know to take the other road.


However, it’s not only your past that can matter. You can also learn from other people’s experiences. If you are having a hard time making the correct decision, look for someone who has gone past it. Ask him or her what he or she did and if he or she was successful or not.


Remind yourself to make the right one. There are times when you’re biased over a certain decision. Even if you know that it’s wrong or it involves a lot of risks, you have the great desire to go for it. But before you do that, remind yourself first of your main goal.


Use affirmations or subliminal messages to tell yourself that there’s a need for you to make the right move. You can say, “I choose decisions that would make me a better person” or “I pick decisions that have the least ill consequences to myself and to others.” You have to say the latter as decisions can affect not only you but also your loved ones.


Subliminal messages can also be used when you’re visualizing or meditating. These two are also helpful in the discernment process, as they give you a clearer picture of what to do to reach your goals.


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