Dealing with Bone Cancer with Affirmations

Dealing with Bone Cancer with Affirmations

Bone cancer is perhaps one of the most painful types of cancers you’ll ever go through. It can make you immobile. The pain can last for hours or day, and it affects your entire body. It’s not surprising for people to go into depression and anxiety, even take their own lives, just to end their suffering.

Dealing with Bone Cancer with Affirmations

Dealing with Bone Cancer with Affirmations

But know that any kind of cancer is not a death sentence. With the development in health care, many are now living their lives well even if they are suffering from bone cancer. You can too, and you can begin by using affirmations.


The Effects of Affirmations


It’s all in the mind—that’s what a lot of people say, especially to those who are undergoing through some emotional or physical pain. For someone who’s sick of bone cancer, that could be too hard to believe in, but the truth is there’s a connection between the mind and the physical body.


To fully understand this, we take, for example, affirmations or subliminal messages. These are the kinds of messages that go deep into your subconscious mind, a mind component that is hardly tapped unless you’re in a relaxed state. However, it’s powerful enough to influence how your conscious mind processes things.


Your bone cancer may be causing you to think of all negative thoughts. You keep telling yourself, “I am definitely dying,” “There’s nothing I can do anymore,” “My life is completely useless,” or “I am totally lost.” The more you think of these, the more you feel sad and anxious. These thoughts can also increase your stress level.


Now you think that stress just lowers your energy. It does more harmful effects than that. One of its biggest impacts has something to do with your immune system. When stress is high, your immunity goes down. If you’re sick, you really cannot afford that since you need your immune system to fight along with you.


You can then use subliminal messages to change your current mind-set. Instead of thinking of these negative thoughts, you might say the following:


I can still live my life to the fullest.

I am not defined by my cancer.

I boost my immune system with these positive thoughts.


What would happen if you replace those negative thoughts with these? Wouldn’t your perception change too? You would feel less depressed. You can better cope with stress, and you develop faith not only in your medications but also in the people around you, particularly your doctors. You would be more open, making it easier for them to treat you.


You would also feel motivated or inspired. As long as you’re still breathing, then there’s hope for a life filled with good things.


How to Create Affirmations


You can definitely come up with your own affirmations or subliminal messages. You can then place them anywhere—within your home, office, or car—so you will always be reminded of them. However, it’s still advisable to depend on the subliminal messages developed by experts. They have devised a way on how to make it easier for you to absorb the messages and train your subconscious mind to accept them more quickly.


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