Dangerous Thought Patterns to Avoid

Dangerous Thought Patterns to Avoid

Do you know that most of the things that make us anxious and worried are just the by-products of a poorly trained, unconditioned mind? This means that there are ways to keep your head positive and unclouded. All you have to do is train and condition your mind, and the best way to do is through subliminal programming.

Dangerous Thought Patterns to Avoid

Dangerous Thought Patterns to Avoid

This involves sending messages to your subconscious to train it to work in a certain way and to follow a set direction towards the positive, instead of towards the negative.

But in order to fully condition the mind to be positive, you need to watch out for some dangerous thought patterns. These are common ways of how the mind works; we often have no control over them so we let them lead us to anxiety and needless worry. Here they are:

1. You’re not a fortuneteller. People make a habit out of predicting what’s going to happen to them each time they take action or make a decision. For example, you just got a new job, and you start imagining all the ways you could possibly mess up your new opportunity. We often hear ourselves saying “I knew this was going to happen” or “I know that this will end badly.” This shows us that we seem wired to expect the worst outcomes. And the worst part is, the mind works to make what it believes in a reality, so what you expect simply happens.

2. Making assumptions. Here’s another fickle habit: assuming what other people are thinking without really hearing them say such things. When you assume, it triggers a reaction in your head. And if what you were thinking is wrong, then your reaction is also uncalled for. This is often the first cause of trouble that could have been avoided in the first place.

Aside from that, making assumptions give rise to fear, self-doubt, low self-esteem, and a degraded confidence.

3. Making generalizations. Another bad habit to avoid is when you generalize your negative experiences and actions. This often happens when we make the wrong call or mess things up. We start thinking how we never get anything right or how we always make mistakes. Mistakes happen from time to time, but not always. They are just really easy to see, and focusing on them, making them look bigger than they really are, will only lead to anxiety and negative self-image.

4. Do not label yourself. Labeling yourself as the girl who always makes mistakes or the guy who always gets dumped will make you turn out exactly that way. Why? Because the mind works to make its beliefs a reality. The mind can’t stand it when what it believes in is not consistent with the reality. Thus, it works hard to maintain the label that you place on yourself.

5. Mountains out of anthills. Yes, sometimes you come across problems that seem like mountains that it feels like you can’t get out from under them. But if you keep on thinking of them as huge problems, the bigger they get, and the less capable you will feel about solving them. This stirs up feelings of helplessness and inferiority. Instead of thinking about your huge problem, just get on with solving it already.

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