Coping with a Serious Illness through Meditation

Coping with a Serious Illness through Meditation

To be ill is one thing; to find out it’s life threatening is another. Yet millions of people are dying every day as diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disorders start to take charge of their lives.

There’s no doubt that being diagnosed with any serious illness can cause pain, trauma, depression, and anxiety. There’s always the question of whether you will get to live tomorrow or be with your loved ones for special occasions. This is also the time when you feel so hopeless and helpless. A lot of people who are deathly sick give up or even commit suicide than to wait for their moment to eventually die.

What you should learn is how to cope with your illness the best way you can. After all, what really matters is not the length of time you spend here on earth but how you get to spend it. In this case, when you are gravely ill, what you hope for is quality of life, one that is free from pain and depression and more of acceptance and even hope.

You can try meditation.

How Meditation Helps Patients

Meditation is an ancient mental exercise. It has been practiced for centuries. Certain religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism put so much importance to meditation, and they can spend hours doing nothing else but that.

Meditating is more than just a mystic process. It offers a lot of benefits. If it wasn’t so, the tradition would have not survived, and patients are some of the best people who can make the most out of it.

For one, meditation has the ability to clear and calm the mind. That means it can free you from worries and uncertainties. It also relaxes your body, mind, and soul, which is actually hard to achieve when something else is bothering you.

The process also provides quite a number of physical health benefits. It can reduce heart rate and blood pressure, making you less prone to heart attacks. It allows the proper flow of blood to different parts of the body. This means the cells can become nourished by the nutrients found in the blood. Meditation can boost the level of serotonin, which is a happy hormone. It improves your behavior and mood, as well as compels you to sleep well. Sleep is highly necessary for people who are sick. It also enhances the immune system.

Meditation works very well together with subliminal messages. Subliminal messages are often characterized as affirmations or auto suggestions. The main thrust of using subliminal messages is to change your present mind-set. Perhaps if you are currently in despair, meditation and the affirmations will change it to something of hope. For example,

  • I have the ability to rise above this physical ailment.
  • I am not defined by my disease.
  • There’s always tomorrow to provide me with hope.
  • I am showered with a lot of love.
  • I have the ability to accept this ailment with grace and fortitude.

These subliminal messages are normally repeated during your meditation, allowing them to seep through your subconscious and form part of your new belief system.

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