Conquering Dentist Nightmares with Subliminal Messages

Conquering Dentist Nightmares with Subliminal Messages

Do you know that only 20 percent of the population visit their dentist on a regular basis? There are plenty of reasons why they don’t, but most of these can be summed up to one thing: fear.

Fear can be immobilizing, and in the case of you and the dentist, it may be detrimental to your health. You have a huge chance of developing gum disease, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes when you don’t have excellent oral health. That means your life can be shortened significantly.

Of course, you want to enjoy your life to the fullest and allow experts such as dentists to take good care of you. Fortunately there are some ways on how you can get rid of your fear. One is through the use of subliminal messages.

What Are Subliminal Messages?

Defined loosely, these are the messages that are stored in your subconscious. You usually don’t know about them since they don’t pass through your conscious mind, which controls reason and logic. Subliminal messages are never processed and don’t come up when you tap your conscious mind only. Nevertheless, they become a part of you and can have a profound influence in your conscious mind.

To further understand it, here’s an analogy. Your dad is known for his shiny black shoes. He wears it for most of the time. Then one day he passed away. Several years passed, and you somehow forgot about his habit—until you saw a pair of shiny black shoes again. The image triggered a flood of emotions and memories related to your father, and you somehow remember him very much vividly again.

How Subliminal Messages Can Help You Overcome the Fear

The subliminal messages can come in the form of affirmation. These are words that are meant to become your mantra. With constantly repeating them they will get into your subconscious, and you develop a sense of belief to them. You act them.

What are these messages? Here are some of the examples:

1. I am not afraid of going to the dentist.

2. The dentist can be depended on.

3. Nothing bad is going to happen to me on the dentist’s chair.

4. The dentist will help me take care of myself.

5. I will become a healthier person after a dental visit.

You can write these affirmations in several sheets of paper, posted in different portions of the house. You can also keep them when you’re driving your car. A good way is to stand in front of the mirror and repeat the affirmation while seeing yourself in the reflection. This way, you get the idea that your subconscious mind is speaking to you.

You can also purchase CDs and DVDs that contain several more affirmations. You can play them over and over. They are usually accompanied with very soothing and mellow music to help ease your mind and calm your nerves, allowing the messages to flow more quickly and effectively.

Moreover, you can approach your dentist and discuss your apprehensions. Some of them have been taught subliminal techniques to help calm patients.

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