Conquer Stage Fright Through Subliminal Messages Visualization

Conquer Stage Fright Through Subliminal Messages Visualization

Are you familiar with this? You’re on for an interview in the next hour, yet as early as five hours ago, your palms are already sweating. Large beads of sweat are falling from your forehead too. You can certainly feel your stomach churning, and sometimes it seems like you’re going to faint. If you have these conditions, then there’s a huge chance that you are suffering from stage fright or loosely defined fear of public speaking.

It’s definitely okay to feel frightened especially if you’re asked to talk or perform in front of other people. In fact, even the seasoned artists, dancers and singers, still describe their pre-performance moments as hours filled with butterflies in their stomachs. However, it’s already a different story if you constantly feel the signs of fear every time you’re asked to speak or perform. Worse, you develop panic attack, which can cause you to hyperventilate or lose consciousness.

The Impact of Stage Fright

Stage fright can be very much detrimental if you allow it to take control of you. It’s very difficult for you to land a job, considering you need to go through interviews. You cannot deal with people properly, and you feel very limited. It’s inconvenient for you to socialize, and sometimes you will be labeled as snob or aloof.

Even the simplest tasks are quite difficult to do. You cannot take phone calls immediately or contact customer service. You struggle to do well in school. It’s difficult for you to take active in organizations or in your community.

How to Get Rid of the Stage Fright

Fortunately, there are already many ways on how to get rid of this type of fear. Sometimes if you have the tendency to panic, you may be prescribed with medications that you need to take prior to speaking or performing. Others train themselves many times in what to say or how to act, while many do simulations or role-playing.

You can also do visualization exercises. You can imagine yourself standing in front of a lot of crowd and giving your piece or performing a number. You allow yourself to bask on the appreciation or applause of your audience. You imagine yourself looking good or looking the part. If you’re applying for a job, take mental note of yourself dressed in a suit. Think like you’re already talking to your interviewer, answering his or her questions with a lot of confidence.

While you’re visualizing, you can add subliminal messages or affirmations. You can use these positive statements to further empower or encourage you to overcome your stage fright. Some of these subliminal messages are the following:

I am a brave person.
I am confident and self-reliant.
I can imagine myself savoring the applause of people.
I have the ability to speak and transmit clear messages to my audience.
I am in charge of my own fear.

You can recite or record these subliminal messages and listen to them at least a day before you face someone or a group of people. Listen to them as many times as you can. Allow your subconscious to take them in and slowly transform your negative thought pattern to something more inspiring or motivating.

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