Conquer Shyness with Proper Visualization Techniques

Conquer Shyness with Proper Visualization Techniques

At one time or another, you will feel somewhat shy over something. For example, it will be difficult for an ordinary man to conquer his nerves and ask his crush for a date. You may also find yourself taking some time before warming up with someone. Simply put, being shy is a normal feeling.

It becomes a disadvantage if it stops you from accomplishing certain things. You cannot look for a job because you do not want to face your employer. You cannot meet the person to be with because you are anti-social. Worse, your shyness causes you to develop fear and insecurity. Your self-confidence is practically very low.
What are you going to do? You have to learn how to get past your shyness and develop a more open attitude. Of course, that will not happen overnight, but with the right visualization techniques, you can get rid of it the shortest time possible.

How to Develop Scenarios

In visualization, you make use of scenarios. The purpose of this is to give yourself a chance to conquer your shyness, at least starting from your subconscious mind. Because of this, the scenario should address the things that make you feel insecure.

Here is an example: You may be struggling with your weight, and your obesity is something you are not proud of. It is not your habit to go out with friends, especially when it is in clubs and bars.

In your visualization, though, it may play out like this: Imagine yourself wearing the sexiest dress you can ever wear. You can “borrow” a design you have seen in a local store. You check yourself in the mirror, and you see no one else but this beautiful gorgeous lady, with a very proportionate body. While looking yourself in the mirror, you relish what you see. You take in the beauty that beholds in front of you.

While you are visualizing, you add subliminal messages. The subliminal messages can work in changing the way you think about yourself more quickly. These are affirmations that can turn any negative emotion or thought to something positive. You can say the following:

  • I am beautiful.
  • I am gorgeous.
  • I am a confident person.
  • I make friends easily.
  • I am proud of the life I have.
  • I cherish every God-given gift and am willing to share it to everyone.

The subliminal messages can be repeated as many times as possible, while you are still visualizing.
When it is your first time to visualize, it is common to experience struggles. It is hard for you to focus. Sometimes the subliminal messages do not seem real or are phony. When you find yourself in these situations, you can utilize tools like mp3s. You can play them during visualization. The words will serve as your guide. They also come with music or songs that are meant to bring you peace of mind and calmness, so it is easier for you to visualize and be receptive to the subliminal messages.

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