Concerned With Debts? Learn to Prioritize With Subliminal Messages Meditation

Concerned With Debts? Learn to Prioritize With Subliminal Messages Meditation

So how much do people owe? Based on the study of the Federal Reserve, the total consumer debt is already more than $2 trillion. That means a regular person can owe as much as $8,000, perhaps to credit cards and to mortgage. Isn’t that such a huge amount? You bet it is. That’s why a lot of people are currently feeling a lot of stress, especially on how to manage their finances.

The truth is debt can be good. The debts can be reflected into your credit report. As long as you pay faithfully, it’s easy for you to apply for loans even without any form of collateral. You can use the credit rating as proof your trustworthiness when you apply for a job. Mounting debts are another story.

There are a lot of ways on how to deal with debts. You can approach financial counselors or credit experts. You can learn to set aside a good amount of your money to pay for unsettled accounts. Or you can learn to meditate.

How Meditation Can Help Pay the Bills

Surely there are already raised eyebrows. Seriously, can meditation clear debts? Isn’t that a waste of time since you’re doing nothing at all? Meditation is viewed by others to be a passive action to something. In fact, they call it your lazy approach. What they don’t know is your brain is at full work while you’re meditating.

During meditation, you allow yourself to concentrate on the stillness. Rather than focus on the pressing issues, you focus your attention to your breath, to the rising and falling of your lungs, shoulders, and diaphragm. You feel the air pass through your nostrils.

In the process, you are at the present moment, and so far, the present gives you relaxation and calmness. You are already blocking the negative emotions or thoughts that seem to cloud your mind and making you more confused.

Moreover, you can make it more effective by using subliminal messages. You listen to the following:

I can conquer my debts.
I can take full responsibility of my spending.
I can look forward to a time when the mortgage and credit cards are paid.
I have tomorrow to face this mounting challenge.
I have the power to control the effects of debts on me.

These subliminal messages will be repeated a lot of times during your meditation. Before they are stored in your subconscious until they surface into your conscious mind. They will start to change your thinking pattern, and you can discover you actually have the ability to create strategies to pay off your debt. You also have a lot of motivation to do so.

And because meditation helps clear your mind from unnecessary thoughts, it will be easy for you to determine your goals and give your 100 percent focus on them.

You cannot expect the results of meditation will be excellent at first try. Thus, you may want to make this an everyday habit. Besides, it can help you in other issues, not just debts.

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