Claim Your Free Time Today

Claim Your Free Time Today

Do you think being busy is good? It isn’t. It takes so much of your time. Worse, if you’re just pretending to be one, then it means you’re letting a lot of better opportunities pass you by. A lot of busy people are depressed and stressed. They have all the money in the world, but they have one thing they could never get back: time. It means time for their families, friends, and for themselves. By the time they realize it, it could already be too late.

Claim Your Free Time Today

Claim Your Free Time Today

Don’t wait for too long. Claim your free time today. You can do that by doing the following:
Do one task at a time. There’s really no point in multi-tasking. You’ll end up not completing anything. Instead, focus your energy into one task at a time. It would also help to divide a very long one into milestones. This way, you can still feel as if you’ve achieved something significant.


Consider some days holy. Find a day or two that you can spare for yourself and for your loved ones. Make sure that these are days when you don’t have to do anything work or business related. If certain opportunities fall into those days try to see if you can move them to some other time.


Learn how to say no. It’s really difficult to say no to people, especially if they are figures of authority or close to you. You feel like you’re letting them down if you do. You develop a sense of shame and guilt. Or perhaps you’re just born to be a people pleaser. However, unless you know how to say no to certain offers and requests, you’ll never get the free time you deserve.


If you have a hard time saying no, you can use visualization. Pretend in your mind that someone approaches you for help, and it’s something you cannot do as of the moment. Look at the person, smile, and politely say no. The more you play these images in your head, the more you’ll feel comfortable saying it.


Always remember: don’t feel guilty. In fact, you don’t have to offer any explanation at all. You are entitled to say no.


Use affirmations. Are you having a hard time claiming your free time? Then you can tap on subliminal messages or affirmations to help you out. The difficulty may have something to do with apprehension, fear, or even guilt. Why do I have some free time while the others don’t? What would other people if I say no just to get my free time? What would it cause me if I don’t do something for my work or business?


Use affirmations or subliminal messages to get rid of these negative emotions and instead allow your positive thoughts to rule over your mind. You can download these affirmations online or buy some CDs. Just to give you some messages you might hear, take a look at the list:


I claim my free time today.

I am the master of my time, my destiny.

I give a lot of value to personal relationships.



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