Claim More Space in Your Home through Affirmations

Claim More Space in Your Home through Affirmations

You really do not want to live in a home with a lot of clutter. It is stressful and depressing. It is suffocating. But how do you get back the space you have lost? One of the best ways is through the use of subliminal messages.

Claim More Space in Your Home through Affirmations

Claim More Space in Your Home through Affirmations

You can make use of the affirmations in the following ways:


It is easier for you to let go of the things you do not need.

One of the main reasons why things are piling up is because you are finding it hard to let go. If you throw or give them away, it feels like you are also doing the same thing with the good memories. There is actually no point in keeping a lot of things for remembrance. No matter what you do, these memories will remain with you forever. It is only in knowing how to tap into them.


You can utilize subliminal messages so letting go becomes easier to accept. Some of the lines include the following:


The things I throw away, the memories I keep.

No matter what I do, the memories will always be with me.

The eternal mementos are in my heart and mind forever.


You can reduce the clutter in your life.


Your home is a reflection of your life. If it is spacious and cozy, then it also means you are at peace. It is a complete opposite if everything is disorganized or there is too much clutter around. If you want to reclaim your space, then you should also do the same within your life.


Your life’s clutter can be brought about by a lot of things, from trauma, to depression, a high level of stress, illness, and anxiety. There may also be troubles in the family or work. Regardless, the negative emotions you’re feeling influence your responsibilities, including keeping your home clutter-free.


Affirmations such as “The universe is making me feel loved” or “The angel of serenity and peace is with me all the time” can do great wonders for you in terms of dealing with personal clutter.


You learn to seek more space.


Unless you can persuade yourself that you truly need and deserve it, you’ll never learn how to reclaim the space you’ve lost. Needless to say, you can use the different affirmations to let you see the need.


You can combine subliminal messages and visualization for this one. At least for 10 to 15 minutes daily, lie down on a very comfortable bed or couch. Let the subliminal messages play in the background. Close your eyes then picture yourself being in the middle of a very airy and spacious room. While you’re there, feel the peace, the comfort, and the order the room is giving you. Imagine various colors of light emanating all over the room, and the lights are coming toward you. Then they slowly envelop your entire body, and you feel their warmth.


This visualization technique would hopefully compel you to seek the same level of comfort, relaxation, and peace in your own home.



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