Bring Your Faith Back in Five Ways

Bring Your Faith Back in Five Ways

A lot of things can happen that can shake your faith or your set of belief. The problem is once you lose your faith, it would be very difficult for you to get it back, so there’s always the sense that you’re missing out on something.

Bring Your Faith Back in Five Ways

Bring Your Faith Back in Five Ways

Getting your faith back is not a very easy process. There will be periods of self-doubt, frustration, and guilt or shame; but unless you take the road now, you would never be able to have it again.


Get it back in these ways:


1. Admit that you’ve lost it. If you’re not willing to admit that you’ve already lost your faith, then you don’t have any reason to seek for it. A lot of people are afraid to do that, perhaps because it may prove how ineffective you are in keeping it. But you need to take this step. Be humble enough to acknowledge it.


2. Determine the reason why you lost it and make peace with it. As mentioned, you don’t lose your faith for no reason. Perhaps something happened that forced you to not believe on certain things anymore. You have been hurt or traumatized. Or perhaps you have forgotten to really nurture your belief system, and woke up one day not believing in it anymore.


There’s no point at blaming yourself. These reasons are already in the past. But you still need to make peace with them to fully move on. Forgive yourself for allowing things to happen, but rest in the fact that you can still do something to renew your faith.


3. Practice your faith with others. You can look for individuals who share the same faith as you. They don’t necessarily have to belong to any organized religion. They may be people who have faith in themselves, in the universe, in the richness of the spirit, and the goodness of the world. The way they practice their beliefs also inspire you to do the same.


4. Help other people. Restore your faith by being with other people. Join organizations and volunteer in missions. You’ll discover that even if there’s strife and fear, there are still plenty who maintain a high level of belief in human being’s capacity to love and care for others.


5. Make use of subliminal messages. It’s time to remind yourself that you definitely have the power to renew your faith. You can do that by using affirmations. The messages have the ability to change your worldview. You would also be more focused on what’s good instead on what’s bad in your life or in your surroundings.


A lot of these subliminal messages are available in CD and mp3 formats, so you can listen to them at all times. Play them when you’re feeling depressed and when you’re meditating. To give you an idea on what these messages are, here are the following:


I have the power to get my faith back.

I remove all the doubt in my mind and heart.

There’s still goodness in the world.

I still believe in love.




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