Beat the Three-year Glitch and Have a More Long-lasting Marriage

Beat the Three-year Glitch and Have a More Long-lasting Marriage

Here is a shocking revelation: a lot of experts say that it is no longer the seven-year itch but the three-year glitch. This means that all the issues that normally occur during the seventh year of marriage are already common among those who are still in their third year.

Beat the Three-year Glitch and Have a More Long-lasting Marriage

Beat the Three-year Glitch and Have a More Long-lasting Marriage

That makes marriage these days a lot harder. If you have not been dating for a long time before you got married, three years still remain to be a getting-to-know-you stage. There will be plenty of adjustments that have to be made in order for the marriage to work. Couples on their third year usually do not have enough mechanism to solve very serious issues.


Couples, do not allow the three-year glitch to ruin your marriage. Survive it through these tips:


Keep the technologies at bay when together. Do you know that one of the reasons for the glitch is technology? Couples these days no longer have the time to really talk face-to-face. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can say sweet nothings or I-love-you’s personally? When together make sure you can have the mobile phones in silent mode. As much as possible do not entertain work-related calls. Do not surf the Internet or play in iPad. Keep your focus to your partner and the moment alone.


Limit the time you spend at work. Most couples spend a lot of their time at the office, perhaps to increase their income. This actually takes a toll on the marriage, as they often arrive home spent and tired. All they want to do is to sleep instead of talk or be more intimate. It is time you learn to put a limit to how much you can give to your work. If you can, complete all tasks for the day within 8 hours. If you are working at home, determine the best time to work on your projects and tasks. After that, stay away from the computer, so you are not tempted to accommodate more loads.


Be spontaneous. Continue to surprise each other. Go out on dates, engage in sports and other productive activities, travel, watch movies, cuddle, and kiss and hug each other often. These things may be simple, but they keep the spark of love burning for a very long time.


Set out rules. You may not like it when your spouse leaves nail clippings on the bathroom floor. Perhaps you are already bothered by the lack of proper hygiene. Before things get out of hand, it is best to sit down and laid out some rules. Ensure that both parties agree with them.


Keep the stress to a minimum. What happens when you are under too much stress? You are tired, you cannot think straight, you are irritable or moody, or you suffer from depression or anxiety. These things can be recipes to a marriage failure.


One of the best methods to reduce stress is through meditation. And while you are into it, listen to subliminal messages or affirmations to increase your level of confidence.



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