Beat Insomnia through These Novel Techniques

Beat Insomnia through These Novel Techniques

Are you currently battling sleepless nights? You should not take them too lightly. There’s a good chance you’re suffering from a very common sleeping disorder called insomnia.

Insomnia is characterized by being up on the bed longer than you should. If an average person needs to sleep at least 6 to 8 hours a day, an insomniac will get half or even less than the recommended period. This would have been okay, if this doesn’t come with certain repercussions.

Sleep is a very important step the body needs to take. For one, it allows the body to rest and receive complete healing if it’s currently sick. It also permits the mind to rest. A person that’s well rested will usually feel more refreshed and happier than an insomniac, who is sluggish, constantly tired, and moody.

When you lack sleep your immune system also goes down the drain. You will also easily feel a lot of stress.

How to Combat Insomnia

It’s a good thing, though, there are quite a number of ways on how you can beat or manage insomnia more effectively. Here are some of them:

See a doctor. Before anything else, you have to rule out underlying diseases. Thus, see a doctor, preferably a sleep doctor. He’s the best person to officially diagnose your insomnia.

Practice visualization. Perhaps when you’re young, you’re taught by your mom to count sheep or solve math problems mentally to get you to sleep. These are two visualization techniques. However, you can do better by perhaps imagining yourself in a clear field with the cool winds rocking you to sleep. You can also picture out the soft rains falling on the roof, their rhythm relaxing you completely.

Listen to subliminal messages. Subliminal messages have been utilized by several types of people to combat a lot of personal issues, from addiction to loss of self-confidence. You can also use them when you’re having trouble sleeping. The messages may include the following:

  • I fall asleep immediately.
  • The bed feels warm and comfortable, perfect for sleeping.
  • Tomorrow I will feel vibrant and happy after a day’s rest.
  • My sleeping patterns help me keep myself active and happy.
  • I sleep well.

Subliminal messages work with your subconscious, so they are automatically turned on when you’re having insomnia problems. The good news is with them you don’t need any drugs.

You can create the script, or you can download mp3s. You can listen to them prior to sleeping. They are normally accompanied with peaceful and soothing sounds like the rush of the waves, which enhance your ability to sleep.

Meditate. Meditation can be done not only in the morning but also in the evening. When you meditate, you slow down your heart rate and bring your blood pressure down. Hence, your body feels very much relaxed. You also secrete serotonin, a hormone that helps manage insomnia.

With these techniques and perhaps a glass of milk, who says you can’t have the sleep you definitely deserve?

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