Are You a Sexually Abused Child? You Do Have Some Help

Are You a Sexually Abused Child? You Do Have Some Help

You are so confused. Your father should treat you with a lot of respect and make you feel loved, but every time he’s around, all you can sense is dread. You don’t like the fact that he seems to be touching you everywhere.

Are You a Sexually Abused Child? You Do Have Some Help

Are You a Sexually Abused Child? You Do Have Some Help

Being a sexually abused child is extremely painful. It scars you physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Thousands of abused children cannot build personal relationships or maintain their marriages because of fear, guilt, and embarrassment. They are usually angry and irritable. They may also struggle with depression and extreme stress and anxiety.


Nevertheless, the past should not dictate how you live today and in the future. You can do something to cope with these bad memories and reclaim the life you may have lost:


1. Seek help. Some have learned to cope with sexual abuse all on their own, but usually you don’t. You need to understand a lot of things, such as why it should happen to you. You have to learn how to trust people again, especially men. For that, you have to look for help.


You can go to therapists who can provide you with counselling and behavioral therapies to make it easier for you to deal with the past. Help is also available from organizations that specialize in caring and treating sexually abused children. A lot of these groups are run by victims themselves, so they definitely understand everything what you’re going through.


2. Don’t blame yourself. A lot of sexual predators put the blame on the child. You may grow up being told that everything was your fault. You give in anyway. You didn’t tell them to stop, or you didn’t say anything to anyone about it.


Never, ever let yourself feel guilty over what happened. It should be your abuser who should be embarrassed and feel remorse. Always remember that you’re young, and other people have taken advantage of that. If you have been threatened, you did certain things just to survive.


3. Learn how to forgive yourself. You can no longer change the past. It already happened. However, you can still do something for yourself today and tomorrow. One of the first steps you can take is forgiveness. You can begin with yourself.


You can ask for forgiveness for the blame and the guilt you allow to build up inside you. Moreover, you forgive yourself, so you can also do the same thing with your past.


4. Build your confidence and trust. Trust is something you’ll find hard to do when you’re sexually abused. You will also discover that you have an extremely low self-esteem. To be able to move forward, though, you need to have trust and confidence or self-respect.


Consider using subliminal messages or affirmations to regain them. Each day, I want you to look at yourself in the mirror. Stare straight into the eyes of your own reflection. Then play affirmations or say them to yourself:


I am not defined by what happened.

What has happened belong in the past. I am currently in the present.

I am a new person. I have risen above my failures and fears.



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