Anger Symptoms: Know When It’s Time to Get Help

Anger Symptoms: Know When It’s Time to Get Help

Surely you’re familiar with this scenario: A loved one did something to really piss you off. So incensed, you started an argument. However, after a while, you realized you said everything you wanted to say, and you’re ready to make amends.

Anger Symptoms: Know When It's Time to Get Help

Anger Symptoms: Know When It's Time to Get Help

That’s typical anger. To be angry is completely normal. No matter how poised or gracious you are, there will be times when things get on your nerves, and you react. However, what isn’t really normal is when you’re having a hard time to control your intense emotion. Worse, you end up hurting yourself or other people. Your anger becomes destructive.


Know the Signs


You may ask, “How would I know if my anger is already dangerous or not?” There are actually signs.


One, it manifests physically. You’re likely having an uncontrollable anger if you experience the following:


  • Muscle tension, especially around the neck, arms, and shoulders
  • Headache or migraine
  • Faster heartbeat
  • A feeling of adrenaline rush
  • Flushed cheeks  or face
  • Inability to hold eye contact to the source of your anger (eyes aversion)


Of course, anger affects you mentally, emotionally, and socially. If you have intense anger, you really don’t entertain any positive thinking. Instead, your mind is filled with the feeling of unfairness, hopelessness, helplessness, and frustration. You believe that there’s too much injustice in the world, and you’re the victim. Thus, you want to defend yourself by showing you’re tough.


You don’t put too much emphasis on relationships. In fact, there’s a huge chance you no longer believe in them. You think that people are just using you for something, or they don’t see you as something important. So there’s no need to treat them with significance either.


When you’re angry, you’re really angry. You may end up throwing things around just to release your anger. You shout profanities and other hurtful words toward the other person. Sometimes you develop the urge to hurt someone as a way of letting him or her feel what you’re going through as of the moment. If you cannot do it, you hurt yourself instead.


If you’re showing these signs, then you need to undergo anger management as soon as possible. You have to obtain the right kind of help, but how do you do it?


The very first step you need to take is admission. You have to acknowledge that you need some help. No matter how much people will try to let you go through anger management treatments, if you’re not willing, then you’ll never be better.


Once you have made your admission, you can then search for a professional who can help you. You can approach a counselor, therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist. They can teach you the different ways on how to manage anger using natural therapies including subliminal messages or affirmations and cognitive therapies.


It may also be necessary to join an anger management class, as well as a support group. By being surrounded with people who have the same experience as you, you’ll less likely feel alone and hopeless.


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