Subliminal Affirmations – Improve Your Self Image in 4 Steps

Subliminal Affirmations – Improve Your Self Image in 4 Steps

Are you becoming critical of yourself? Are you bombarded with negative feedback from other people? Negative voices coming from other people can be extremely loud and can cloud your judgment completely, until even you start looking down on yourself. And when your own mind starts shouting negative thoughts, how can you compete with that? What follows next are poor confidence, poor self-image, and poor performance in everything you do.

So what can you do?

1. Pull out all the stops. When you notice that you now don’t have your own approval and your self confidence is waning fast, step on the brakes! Stop for a while and take stock of your situation. Take time to identify the problems that are affecting you and your mind. Once identified, you need to work at resolving all these issues. Only then can you do a proper reprogramming of your mind so you can gain back your lost confidence and win your approval of yourself.

2. Train your mind with self help subliminals. The key to winning approval from yourself and also from other people is a well-trained mind. What exactly should your mind be trained to do? A well-trained mind is trained or conditioned to radiate positive energy and thoughts so it automatically chases away negativity.

Whatever problem you face in life, a mind well-trained in looking for the positives in any situation will always find something to be positive about. This helps you gain more confidence and keeps you content and satisfied with your capabilities.

Here’s the difference: The well-trained mind looks at your strengths, not your weaknesses, and knows that weaknesses should be considered as areas of improvements. The weak mind will be overcome by these weaknesses, the strengths completely eclipsed.

One way of training your mind is through subliminal training or programming. This involves sending coded messages to your mind to train and condition it to stay on the positive side at all times. These messages are designed only for the subconscious mind, so they work uniquely. First, they get absorbed even without your knowledge. Second, they are embedded deep into your mind so you cannot consciously remove them.

Here are some subliminal messages you can try:

I believe in myself.

I believe in my strengths.

I am capable and skilled.

I am bursting with confidence.

I can achieve anything I set my mind on.

I see every weakness as an opportunity for growth.

3. Persist. If you want your newfound self esteem and confidence to last, you need to persistently pursue your self development program. So if you started a subliminal message program, you need to consistently do all these affirmative activities until you complete the whole journey, which should bring you straight to your goals.

4. Seek inspiration through self help books. Subliminals are not the only sources of motivation you can rely on. You can seek more inspiration from other motivational and self help books and articles that help train your mind to think positively. The most effective books are those that feature actual success stories outlining how ordinary people also achieved success simply by believing in themselves and harnessing the power of a strong mind and a positive belief system.

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