8 Ways to Survive Flooding

8 Ways to Survive Flooding

You can never predict when disasters strike, but you can always prepare for the worst. How do you survive flood? What should you do once the water comes rushing in? Here are some of the tips provided by experts:

8 Ways to Survive Flooding

8 Ways to Survive Flooding

1. Move on to a higher level. If you’re in your home and it’s too late for you to leave the property you can climb to the higher portion. You can move to the second floor, and if possible to the roof.


2. Have your emergency kit ready. Don’t wait for floods to come before you prepare your kit. Make sure they’re ready at all times. What does your kit contain? You need first-aid supplies, flashlights and batteries, extra mobile phone that’s fully charged, food and water that can last for around 3 days, and other items you think you will need.


3. Talk things over with your family. It’s going to be extremely difficult for your family to survive all together if the rest don’t have any idea on what to do. It’s advisable to discuss emergency plans with them, especially to your kids. Determine areas where you would all go to. You can also assign them specific tasks. Talk about what to expect during floods.


4. Coordinate with your disaster council. Find the nearest disaster council in your area or talk to someone in the government who is in charge with disaster plans. They can tell you the possible evacuation centers during flash floods. They can also provide you with kits and other information guides, which may come in handy when the disaster comes around.


5. Leave your home immediately. Don’t second-guess flashfloods. If you can, leave your house immediately and head to a higher ground. If not, proceed to the evacuation center the government will provide you. Your life is more important than your property.


6. Keep your documents safe. Between money and documents, the latter are actually more important. Thus you should do all your best to keep them safe. You can put them inside Ziploc bags, so they don’t end up getting wet during flashfloods. If you can, invest in strong vaults, which you can attach in walls and are not easily destroyed by heavy objects. You can also place your documents in places where you can easily retrieve them.


7. Don’t drive. Vehicles are expected to be stalled during flashfloods. Worse, you may find yourselves trapped inside. You only have 10 minutes to rise above the water if the vehicle sinks. You can wait for emergency vehicles to come by, or you can follow the marked areas in your community.


8. Reduce your panic attack. Adrenaline rush surges when you feel that a flashflood is coming up. But you need to maintain your composure if you want to think very clearly. Subliminal messages or affirmations are indeed useful in this case. You can tell yourself, “Panic does nothing good” or “I get rid of all the tensed nerves, and I’m going to relax all my muscles.”

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