6 Ways to Reduce Your Fear of Theft

6 Ways to Reduce Your Fear of Theft

Theft is one of the most common crimes in the world. In fact, thousands of people lose their valuables on a daily basis. But what makes it frightening is the fact that some thefts do end up in a loss of life.

6 Ways to Reduce Your Fear of Theft

6 Ways to Reduce Your Fear of Theft

The fear of theft is understandable. No matter where you are, there’s no assurance that you’re completely safe. However, it’s a totally different thing if the fear leads to paranoia and immobility. You’re stuck at your own home, you don’t want to travel or go to work, you’re always looking at your back, and you’re always fearful for your own security.


You cannot live a good life if you develop an intense fear of theft. That’s why you need to take action now. You can take note of these 6 tips:


1. Go where most of the crowd is. Thieves would usually think twice before they decide to steal something within the crowd. One, they don’t have enough space to run just in case you’d notice it. Second, there are plenty of eyes that could be watching him.


2. Avoid attracting other people’s attention. It’s very important to remain low-key, especially when you’re outside the home. Don’t wear any flashy clothes and accessories. Avoid putting on a lot of jewelry pieces. When you’re in the crowd, try to blend in.


3. Don’t go to notorious areas. There are certain parts of the community where theft is typical. You should avoid going there as much as possible. If there’s no way to avoid it, make sure that you’re inside a vehicle or you’re with a group of people. Don’t go out at night.


4. Stay out of the dimly lit areas. Thieves love those places with very poor or no lighting. They’re free to harass anyone without being caught. Thus, make sure that you avoid passing through alleys and streets with no or insufficient light. Moreover, don’t try passing tight corners or dead ends.


5. Report anything suspicious to the police. If you notice something is amiss within your neighborhood or where you currently are, report it immediately to the police. This is one of the best ways on how you can contribute to crime fighting in your community.


6. Use affirmations. Whenever you start to feel very anxious or stressed, and you can’t get the idea of being a theft victim out of your mind, it may be best to make use of subliminal messages or affirmations. Once the symptoms of anxiety start to show up, recite the following:


I don’t have to be scared of anything.

I feel peace and calm within myself.

Regardless of what’s going to happen today, I’d still believe in the goodness of people.

I am not attached to my material possessions.


You can now download these messages in your mp3 player or iPod, so you’ll feel empowered even if you’re on the road.


There’s no guarantee that you’ll be safe at all times, but theft fear will only increase your chances of becoming a victim. It strips you off proper thinking, especially when you’re in the middle of the crisis.




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