6 Things to Help Your Child Conquer His Shyness

6 Things to Help Your Child Conquer His Shyness

It is normal for kids, especially for toddlers, to be very shy. They are used to your presence, not that of strangers and even acquaintances. But that does not mean you have to wait until he is old enough before you help him get out of his shell.


Parents can help their kids conquer their shyness through the following tips:


Praise him. Everybody needs to be complimented, especially your kid. You want to build his self-trust by doing so. Compliment for the good things he has done, particularly those he accomplished without your request or order. Some parents would reward their kids with something like a toy whenever he does something good. You can do the same thing, but you do not want to overdo it. You do not want to give the impression that he needs to be good to get something in return.


Know his interests and inspire him to go for it. You may not know it but your child definitely has some interests. For example, if he likes to draw lines and sticks on paper, he may be interested in sketching or drawing. If he tinkers with your computer or mobile phone, perhaps he wants to know more about technology. You may want to help him nurture it. You can enroll him in classes that fit for his age. You can also get him more exposed to the things he loves. Using the examples previously mentioned, you may surprise him with a coloring set or an age-appropriate gadget.


Introduce him to other kids. He may be shy around the grown-ups, but he may not be if he is with children his age. Even if he is home-schooled, take some time to introduce him to other kids, such as the sons and daughters of your friends in the neighborhood. Set up parties for them or allow them to sleep over.


Do not stop him from getting hurt. Physically, that is. Many parents tend to coddle the kids, preventing them from enjoying rough-and-tumble because they do not want them to get scraped knees and bruised elbows. But these are the children’s plays that can help build his confidence and competitive spirit. It also teaches him how to stand up after every fall.


Let him speak his mind. Do not underestimate your kids. They can be just as opinionated as an average adult. Though it is improper for them to get involved in adult conversations, you should still give them the chance to speak up and share their thoughts. You can help them become more eloquent, more organized in thoughts and speech, and more open to you.


Allow him to listen to affirmations. You can download mp3 versions of subliminal messages and listen to them along with your kids. They usually talk about how to conquer their shyness, how to be more comfortable about themselves, and how to accept themselves on who they are. Some have even been customized for children, so they can easily be receptive to the subliminal messages.