5 Tips to Remove the Fear of Computers

5 Tips to Remove the Fear of Computers

Computers are probably the best inventions of the century, and from the looks of it, they are here to stay for a very long time. They are referred to as a brain device, as they can perform the same functions as those of the human brain. They can analyze, they can process certain functions, and they can store memories or data.

5 Tips to Remove the Fear of Computers

5 Tips to Remove the Fear of Computers

You use PCs for a lot of things. You create e-mails, chat with your friends, look for jobs, do your work, and a whole lot more. That’s why it’s such a huge disadvantage if you don’t know how to make use of them.


The problem is you’re scared to even touch it.


The fear of computer isn’t really uncommon. Hundreds still don’t want to use one for plenty of reasons. You may be scared of destroying it and spend a lot of money on repairs afterward. It could also be you believe you’re already too old of using it, or you’re not technologically aware enough to handle something as complex as computers.


You have to get over that fear and make the most out of the technology. You may find the following tips, therefore, extremely helpful:


1. Attend a short course. There are plenty of courses that introduce you to computers and even the Internet, and a number of them are completely for free or incredibly cheap. You can inquire from your nearby college or community center. Since it’s short, you will learn how to use the PC in less than six months.


2. Believe that you’re better than the PC. Even if PCs or computers are considered powerful, they still don’t match the capacities of human beings. Therefore, you’re still the boss. That thinking would hopefully make you feel comfortable and confident in touching the PC. It doesn’t do anything to you, but you can definitely do anything with it.


3. Start slow. Computers may have changed sizes and programs, but the processes are almost basically the same. That’s why you can always take your time and start slow in the learning process. For instance, you may begin with turning the computer on and off. The next day, learn to tap on the keyboard. A few weeks after, explore the various programs that are found in your computer.


4. Don’t be afraid to commit mistakes. One of the foremost reasons why you don’t want to touch it is you are afraid of destroying it. However, you actually learn more if you get your hands on to it and explore its parts and functions, even to the point of destroying it. Today it’s easier for technical support to fix your PCs at a more affordable cost.


5. Increase your self-esteem. You may also just need to boost your self-confidence and believe you’ll learn just like the million other people in the world. You can begin by utilizing affirmations or subliminal messages. For example, before you begin to touch the PC, you tell yourself, “I am in control of this device. It doesn’t control me.” You can also remind yourself, “I have the ability to absorb new information. I can find interest in anything new.”





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