5 Tips in Dealing with Andropause

5 Tips in Dealing with Andropause

5 Tips in Dealing with Andropause

Andropause is actually not a taboo, but it is hardly spoken by many simply because it is not recognized by the World Health Organization as a medical term. But it is very real, and a lot of men go through it once they get older.
What is andropause?

Andropause is very similar to menopause. The difference is it is experienced by men. It occurs when men are already around 40 to 55 years old. One of the biggest reasons why it is not immediately diagnosed is its physical and mental symptoms can be associated to other illnesses. Women, on the other hand, start to stop menstruating.


Men, however, are likely undergoing andropause if they experience a lack of sexual drive, depression, irritability, weight gain, or energy loss. These are usually caused by the decrease in production of testosterone.


What should you do?

Andropause can be emotionally traumatic for a male person, who may be used to being dominant and authoritative. He may feel he is not fully equipped to please his partner, or it reminds him that he is definitely getting older.


Know, though, that you do not really have to suffer if you are going through andropause. There are several ways on how to cope with it:


Keep on exercising and maintain a good diet. As you grow older, the more you should pay close attention to your health. You need to exercise to maintain your metabolic rate and burn those excessive calories. Exercising also helps release endorphins, which effectively manage your moods, reducing your depressive or irritable state. You also need to eat well, choosing those that can complement your healthy lifestyle.


Reduce your level of stress. Stress only aggravates the hormonal imbalance. Worse, it weakens your immune system you become more prone to several types of illnesses. When you’re old, your immunity naturally goes down. When you hit 40, it’s time to think about your retirement. Plan it very well. Start saving more or increasing your contribution to your pension plan. Then reduce the amount of time you spend on working.


Sleep well. An average adult person should sleep between 6 and 8 hours a day. Studies show that doing so will help you lose weight. You also need that to retain the normal body functions and keep your motor and mental skills in good shape.


Engage in activities that are fun and engaging. There are a number of reasons for this. First you want to shift your attention to something else. Instead of focusing more on what you cannot do, you think more on those that you can. Fun activities can also greatly reduce the feeling of depression and irritability. You will even discover that you have a sudden burst of energy.


Embrace old age. The more you fight it, the more you’ll be conscious about yourself. Andropause is normal. It just needs to be accepted.


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