4 Ways to Manage Your Envy

4 Ways to Manage Your Envy

Envy is another green-eyed monster that creeps in once in a while, especially if you see things that you like and that other people own. It pushes you to keep up with the Joneses, to destroy other people’s lives to get even, or forces you to dream the most impossible things. If you don’t get what you want, you go on a blame game.

Envy is very toxic, and you need to learn to control it as much as possible. You can help manage your envious ways with these tips:

1. Accept who you are. One of the foremost reasons why you’re envious is because you’re not comfortable of who you are. You always think, “If only I was like my neighbor,” “If only I am rich,” and so many more if-only thoughts.

It’s really unfortunate for you if you don’t learn how to love yourself, because you can never have somebody else’s life. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that acceptance will never be on your way. This is what affirmations are for.

Yes, you can actually use affirmations or subliminal messages to enhance your idea about yourself. While you delve into them, you’ll realize that you are a very unique and special person, not worth comparing to others.

In times when you’re down or really envious, listen to these subliminal messages. You can sit in a quiet spot, play your affirmation CD, or perhaps download their mp3 versions and listen to them in your mp3 player or iPod. Take to heart every word you hear.

2. Do productive things.

Idle minds entertain bad thoughts. To make sure that it doesn’t happen, keep yourself busy. Do those things that would truly enrich your life or nurture your passion or interest. For instance, if you love to cook, you can enroll in a culinary school. If you have love for writing, set up a blog and write, create a book, or participate in writing classes.

3. Know your blessings.

The more you think of others, the more you lose focus of yourself. And the less attention you give to yourself, the more likely you’ll forget to count your blessings. Every person is blessed, though these blessings come in several packages.

If you want to know how blessed you are, why don’t you write them down? In fact, write every day. It doesn’t matter if it’s such a small thing such as catching the subway train on time or eating your favorite pastrami sandwich.

4. Keep things simple.

If you want to get rid of envy, then try to live a far simpler life. This means you only stick to what’s basic or essential. Instead of giving a lot of attention on material things, focus on your soul and well-being. The essence here is to find contentment in life even with the few possessions you have.

Envy is very time-consuming and taxing. It leaves a lot of people depressed, insomniac, and stressed. Is this the life you want? Surely it’s not, so you have to let go of it immediately.