4 Tips to Stop Yourself from Being Boring

4 Tips to Stop Yourself from Being Boring

You know what other people say: it’s better to be controversial than to be boring. Boring people hardly attract friends and acquaintances. They know that they’ll never enjoy your company. It also means playing safe for most of the time. In the process, you miss out on a lot of good things, as life is all about taking risks.

4 Tips to Stop Yourself from Being Boring

4 Tips to Stop Yourself from Being Boring

How do you stop yourself from being boring? Here are some tips:


1. Change your routines once in a while. It’s important to stick to routines. They are your comfort zones. They make life a lot easier. However, it’s also essential that you divert from them once in a while just to get a whole new perspective or develop a new experience and memory. For example, if you’re used to taking a train or subway on the way to work, you might want to think about hopping on a bus or hailing a taxicab at least once a week.


2. Do something daring. Challenge yourself. Test your limits. You would be extremely surprised on the things you can actually do. A lot of people think that they’re only good at a certain level, until they try out something new and realize that they have not reached their limits yet.


Being daring doesn’t have to be life threatening. It simply means doing something you are afraid of pursuing for some reason. For instance, challenge yourself to travel alone to a holiday destination of your choice. Not many people are aware that solo traveling is a good way of increasing the level of self-confidence.


3. Stop focusing on yourself. Do you know who else is boring? It’s a person who loves to blab about himself. Being too open about your life leaves no more room for mystery. There’s nothing about you that’s worthy to be explored. Besides, you’re normally considered to be arrogant. Still people wouldn’t like to get close to you.


When you meet someone, allow him to share something about himself. Ask questions. Engage him in a conversation. Learn to listen.


4. Reduce your fears. If you have no idea how powerful fear is, you simply need to think about the one thing that frightens you the most. What do you feel? Does it seem like the world starts caving in? Do you find it hard to move? Or does fear send shudder all over your body?


Unless you’re able to conquer a lot of your fears, you’ll be stuck doing the same things over and over—and, yes, there’s no way you can ever get around with the idea of being boring. But how do you exactly reduce them?


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