4 Things to Do When You’re Being Demoted

4 Things to Do When You’re Being Demoted

It has always been at the back of your mind for the past few months, but you never really thought that it’s highly likely. Here you are, though—demoted.


No employee wants to be demoted or assigned to a much lower rank in the job. It could mean a lot of things. You’re not doing well or you’re underperforming. It may mean a low-paying salary. Worse, it causes a significant loss of confidence. After all, you really cannot hide it to your colleagues and family members.


How do you effectively deal with demotion? Here are some tips:


1. Condition your mind. One of the things you need to work out on is your mind-set. It’s not a surprise if you feel depressed, disappointed, or embarrassed when you’re being demoted. However, you shouldn’t let these emotions pull you down to the bottom. You have to pick yourself up and increase your level of self-confidence.


How do you do it? Here’s a tip: use affirmations. Plenty of people who have used affirmations or subliminal messages have learned how to cope with their negative emotions very well. This is because these types of messages change their present mind-set. Instead of saying, “I cannot do it,” they become empowered and inspired, saying, “I can do a lot of things.”


Subliminal messages can awaken that inner strength you thought you never have, and in times of dilemma or personal issue, it’s one of the things you should possess so you can survive well.


2. Assess and seek an explanation. You are entitled to know the reasons why you’re being demoted. You can also appeal if you think that the explanations are not satisfactory to you. Nevertheless, also assess your own self. Ask, “What could have I done better?” “How could I have improved my job?” Unless you have been treated unfairly by the organization, most likely you haven’t given your all or you haven’t fulfilled your responsibilities properly.


3. Discuss the best courses of action with your immediate head. A demotion isn’t forever. You may be reinstated to your previous position only if you meet certain conditions. If you want to get back your old job, though, make sure you can already implement some improvements. You should talk with your immediate head, who can be your supervisor or manager. Inquire the best steps to take to increase your productivity or performance level. If possible accept a coaching or training session. You can also undergo a refresher course or update your skills by taking courses related to your field of specialization.


4. Think about your future. There’s no use in staying in the company if you’ll stay demoted for a very long time. You’ll benefit better if you’ll just leave and look for opportunities elsewhere. It’s also futile to stay if your career path in the organization is not the one you’re willing to take.


At the end, you should not forget to think about yourself. Will this demotion help me become a better employee and person? Will it still provide me with the future I want?