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Strong Woman – Free Subliminal Video

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Click Below to Watch a Video Explaining How to Download, Unzip & Watch these Subliminal Video 2.0 Videos

4 Free subliminal videos and how to unzip files


2 Written Exercises To Be Done During and After EACH Video Session

1- The “10-Minute Ritual” should be used during each video session.
A. Watch the Subliminal Video of your choice for 10 Minutes Before You Start Each Day.
B. Jot Down Any Thoughts That Come To Mind As You Are Watching It. Answer The Question, “What is the MOST Important Thing I Can Do TODAY To Make More Money TODAY?” YOU will be AMAZED How The right *Intuitive* Answers Come For You Immediately!
C. Take Action on Those Thoughts and You WILL BE Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!

2- The Money for Free exercise should be used after each video session.

Personal note from Nelson Berry:

“If I was REALLY serious about this and just getting started, I would do this 4 times per day.  That is 4 sessions per day… Everyday… for 30 Days. However, 1 time per day is enough! From where you are at right now, you can’t possibly fathom what is about to happen to you. Just commit and do it and know that your “Inner Power” will take over once you have it pointed in the right direction.  YOU are now in CONTROL! Don’t expect anything for 30 days. You will get results sooner. DO NOT stop for 30 days.  Positive results WILL happen before the 30 day mark… and may freak you out… and maybe scare you a little bit. The days between 21 and 30 are going to BLOW YOU AWAY!  Again, do not stop in the middle of this and get caught right in the middle of this change. People, by nature, tend to slack off when things start going good. Quitting half way through would be like sailing across the Atlantic Ocean and stopping in the middle because the scenery is so nice. But what you forgot was that your “compass was/is being recalibrated” and you might not be able to find your way home. This takes discipline. During this process, you need to make the choice each day of what you want now and what you want most.

I’ve got good news and bad news.  We’ll start with the bad news first…

If you do stop for even a single day, you have to start over at day 1.


YOU WILL witness a Miracle in YOUR LIFE!

From that day forward… and forever more… YOU WILL ALWAYS KNOW WHAT TO DO IF YOU ‘GET LOST’!


This is not based on motivation or behavior modification, this is based on rock solid scientific proof!

Enjoy your adventure and leave us a testimonial when you get there!!”

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